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Why WebAsif

1.      You see a few sites answering medical / health questions for more than 10 dollars and experts only get 25 % in start. Also there is corruption also. Here is solution for you……

2.     We have one medical specialist serving at prestigious PIMS for 15 years, she is also authority and professor of Aids. We have one GMP / prefessor. With such great team we are able to help you.

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Health Services

1. We treat patients offline and online(no emergency services given online) both ways, giving them excellent care with highly qualified doctors and hospitals.

2. We give expert advice to the patients who send their emails with proper history, examination findings and investigations submitted to us. Contact madina78692@yahoo.com

3. We read X-rays online and give the reports.

4. Visit a doctor online and discuss your problem for 30 minutes its paid service you need to pay 10$. 

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